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  • AAA Pool Services is a family owned and operated business serving the people of Phoenix, and Scottsdale. We provide excellent pool cleaning, pool repair, pool inspections, and other pool care services at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking to have pool equipment installed or repaired or a new pool inspected before buying or selling a home, we are happy to help.

    We are bonded and insured as well as a member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. We believe these items are important, because they speak to our professionalism and help reassure our clients that when they choose AAA Pool Services that they are choosing to go with experience, quality, and honesty.

    Simply put, at AAA Pool Services we take pride in exceeding others’ expectations through a commitment to excellent service provided in a caring way. We are also committed to giving our technicians route sizes that allow them to take the time to do the job right the first time.

    If we already service your pool we will continue to do our best to earn your continued business. If you are looking for a pool company we invite you to hire us because we are committed to doing our best to serve you.


  • Our approach to customer service is not complicated. We want to serve others as we seek to accomplish our mission. The last few words of our mission are to do things “in a caring way.” We think someone can do all the right things and say all the right things, yet still leave a customer feeling a lack of care or concern. That can be frustrating, annoying, and a major letdown. We want to do our work in such a way that we not only provide the right information and set the appropriate expectations but also communicate and demonstrate a level of care and concern. 

  • We are able to stay true to our mission when we hire people based on our core values. Our hiring approach is simple: Hire character, teach competency, and define and celebrate success.

    To us, character means someone who will make the right choice regardless of the circumstance or consequence. When we hire new employees, we tell them that if they work hard and want to do right by the customer, they will love it at AAA Pool Services. We hire people who are interested in serving others in a way that they can feel good about. Because of this, we have become known for the quality of people that we send to our customers’ homes. Each of our technicians passes a background check and drug test as part of our in-depth hiring process. If we had any reservation about sending a staff member to our home, we would not hire that person.