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  • Weekly Swimming Pool Service


    All Services Below Include:

    Certified Technicians • Reliable Service • Free Dispensing Chemical Floater • All Chemicals • Algae Treatments


    Chemicals Only

    Our Chemical Only Service is the most economical service that we offer and insures that your pool water will be safe, sanitary, and algae free so you can swim worry free. Our trained service technicians test and balance your pool's water, empty the skimmer basket every week, along with routine backwashing for the low monthly rate of only $69.99 per month. Yes, we provide all the chemicals! (chlorine tablets, shock treatments, pH balancers, conditioner and more.) 

    This service works great with an automatic pool cleaner. Your pool system and water balance will be properly maintained by our technicians while your pool cleaner will keep your pool clean of debris each time your filter runs. Your pool will be crystal clear, algae and debris free.


    We Sell The Best Automatic Pool Cleaners If You Do Not Already Have One!


    Full Service

    Our Full Service plan includes full maintenance on a weekly basis. This service includes; cleaning, backwashing, and chemicals. We will skim, brush, empty baskets and vacuum (as needed) starting at $99-$125 per month (depending on the frequency, size, and condition of the pool).

    *We do not charge anything extra for Lube, Clarifier, or Algaecides.
    *Cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth filters are cleaned every 6 months at an extra charge.

    Arizona is a great place to have a swimming pool. We get to use our pools more than almost every other state in the US! Many pool owners realize quickly that keeping a pool functional all summer long can be a good deal of work and a substantial amount of money. Our services will prove to you that our pool cleaning and repair makes it so easy and cost effective to you. All we want you to do is Enjoy your pool and stop stressing over it!


    Filter Cleaning

    Discounted filter cleanings for all clients. Your DE (diatomaceous earth) or cartridge filter must be completely disassembled, cleaned out and reassembled at least once every 6 months. If you have a sand filter, you do not need this service. If you are a weekly service customer, filter cleans will be performed around March and October for only $79.99 each trip (regularly $100.00). We even include replacing bleed screens if necessary. Manufacturers will not honor your warranty unless you can prove that proper filter cleans were performed.

    This is a very important service and cannot be neglected. If your filter is not cleaned on a regular basis, the pressure inside your filter will rise to dangerous levels. Pool water circulation will be restricted to the point that cleaning systems will no longer operate and the pool may turn green. Also, your cartridges/de grids will be crushed and torn which will render your filter useless until they are replaced. This will cost hundreds of dollars and could be avoided entirely with proper maintenance.

  • Green Pool Cleanouts


    Acid washing removes your pools plaster surface.
    We have been cleaning pools for over 20 years we have cleaned hundreds of pools, we are the valleys experts.
    Service includes:
    • Completely drain pool to sewer cleanout line using our own sump pump and hoses (the legal and safe way to drain a pool)
    • Full wash on all interior pool surfaces using our patented bio- degradable and safe solution that will not damage your pool
    • Pumping out waste water and debris
    • Filter cleaning
    • Adding startup chemicals and priming system once pool has been filled (assuming equipment is in proper working order)

    Straight forward low pricing:

    Play pool – $299.00
    Dive pool – $399.00
    Any attached spa – additional $50.00