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    • Do I have to sign a long contract for pool service?

      Absolutely not. We believe that our outstanding service is what makes for long-term clients. You may cancel anytime with a 30-day written notice.

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    • How often should I change the sand in my sand pool filter?

      Did you know the sharpness from the silica sand in your filter is what traps particles and debris from passing through back to your pool? Did you also know that because Arizona has such hard water, our water would naturally turn that sharp sand into a round ball like an oyster does to a grain of sand before it turns it into a pearl? IT’s all true! This usually happens at about 4 years of having your filter, which makes the 5-year point a good reference point to get your sand changed out.

    • How often should I clean my filter?

      Well, that's a great question. This depends on the type of filter you have.   


      We recommend that D.E. filters be cleaned they be cleaned once every 6 months. You should be backwashing monthly. The purpose of backwashing is to remove the old DE, with its trapped impurities, so you can replace it with clean DE. So why do you need to clean the DE filter?


      As impurities accumulate in the D.E., the combination of D.E. with those impurities makes a thick, muddy paste that doesn't just "wash out" when you backwash. Over time, especially with repeated cleanups of algae infestations, or even a single cleanup of a horrendous algae infestation, huge hunks of such thick, muddy paste clog the spaces between adjacent grids, and become completely stuck, unable to be removed by backwashing.


      We therefore recommend that you have your DE Filter cleaned and re-charged every six months. this simple maintenance procedure will extend the life of your equipment, reduce overall chemical costs, and you will enjoy your swimming experience more.


      Cartridges filters should be cleaned on quarterly cycle to prevent damage.


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    • How often should I drain my pool?

      This seems to be a question that everyone seems to have a different answer to. If you have one or more of problems listed below it's time to drain your water and get some new, fresh water in your pool.


      1)Cyanuric Acid, AKA stabilizer, AKA conditioner, level being about 100ppm in your water. This level will prevent chlorine from doing its correct job.


      2)Calcium level being too high, above 500 ppm in Arizona, will prevent the chemicals from reacting like they should. Arizona is infamous for hard water, and this is the level that tells you how hard your water actually is. Like Cyanuric Acid, Calcium does not evaporate from your water supply.


      3)Total Dissolved Solid level is too high. This just means you have a lot of “stuff” in your water that has accumulated over the years. This TDS happens to get higher and higher from a lot of swimmers.


      4)Switching back from a salt pool to a traditional chlorine pool? Draining and filling is strongly recommended because that old salt in your pool will start to crystallize and harden to your nice new pebble tec.


      5)Do you have a swampy greenish-blackish pool? It is usually more cost effective to just get rid of that water and start fresh. It’s quite amazing how much chemicals cost when trying to get your pool from forest green to clear.

    • How do I measure the size of my pool in Gallons?

      This is very easy to do, the equation to calculate gallons is as follows:

      Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.48

      Example 15L x 30W x 4D x 7.48 = 13,464 gallons