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    Just as a home inspection informs you about the condition of the home you are interested in purchasing, a pool inspection informs you about the condition of the pool. Typically, the dollar amount associated with many backyards here in Arizona can equate to almost 1/3 of the home’s value. With that much money invested, why would anyone not want to have the pool, which often is the centerpiece of any well designed backyard, thoroughly inspected by a pool professional? A proper inspection can save you thousands of dollars and bring up important issues that are unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

    Here at AAA Pool Services, we pride ourselves on performing a thorough inspection of all aspects of your potential pool & spa. Our detail oriented inspection includes the following areas:

    • Inspect Pool & Spa Surface / Tile / & Deck
    • Fully inspect all pool/spa equipment and plumbing
    • Record condition of water and all chemical levels
    • Test & inspect all pumps for proper operation and leaks
    • Test & inspect installed heater for proper operation and leaks
    • Inspect all electrical connections for conductivity and proper installation
    • Provide report with descriptions of all problems noted
    • Answer any questions you may have on site
    • Provide estimate for repairing any issues found during inspection

    If you are considering purchasing a home with a pool, be sure that you have a full pool inspection performed by a qualified pool company. Home inspection companies either do not include a pool inspection or are not qualified to provide complete and accurate information.

    We can inspect pools under any condition, however, in order to fully diagnose equipment operation, the pool needs to be filled to proper operating level and power must be turned on at the property.

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